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Why Hair Loss in Men and Women?

Human body is covered with hair almost in all parts. All type of hair involve normal phenomenon of growth as well as loss. However, some people may experience extreme hair loss leading to baldness.

Some common reasons behind the hair loss are

  • Bad eating habits.
  • Hormonal fluctuations.
  • Infections or certain illness.
  • Age elated hair loss.
  • Unreasonable use of blow dryer, excessive use of shampoo and hair products.
  • Hair fall during or after pregnancy .

The hair on the back of the scalp are nearly permanent hair for they are least affected by DHT for they contain very less or negative amount of 5 alpha reductase type II enzyme in roots. The hairs in front, temporal, vertex area contain large amount of this enzyme so once activated the converted DHT affect the hair roots and they are destroyed.Body hairs remain unaffected as they do not contain aforementioned enzymes

The transplanted hairs also remain permanent as they retain the characteristics of the donor body part hair and remain resistant of male hormone.

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