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Best Hair Transplant Center in Delhi

Over a decade climatic conditions, human’s lifestyle and eating habits gave a hike to the problem of hair fall and baldness. Due to which Hair Transplant Clinic Treatment was started to give a solution to your problem of hair loss and baldness. Hair transplantation Clinic surgery can restore a person’s hair by moving his hair follicles from one part of the body to balding area in such a natural way that no one can tell they had a hair transplant cost in Delhi, even upon close examination. In fact hair transplantation clinics bring a revolution in hair loss treatment as it has proven that hair loss is no longer a problem. Nowadays such techniques for hair transplant have come which are absolutely pain-free.

In a hair transplant, surgery hair is placed according to the direction and angle of the natural hair growth. Hair transplant is mainly done on head but males can take the treatment to restore beard and moustache hair, eyelashes, eyebrows and even body hair also. And hair transplantation clinic provides natural and undetectable results for all the areas of treatment. Dr. Gambhir has special interest in hair transplant in Delhi, so he established Persona-FnS to give best hair transplant treatment in Delhi. He did his Bachelor’s Degree in 1995 from Banaras Hindu University and later on did his residency in general surgery from the same hospital and completed his post-graduation in 1999. He got his board certification in Plastic Surgery in 2004. Since 2004 he is working in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital as consultant Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon he is the best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi.

The treatment of hair transplant is given under local anesthesia. The time and sitting required in completing the transplantation depends upon the area and amount of hair restoration. There are mainly two methods of male hair transplant center treatment:


Follicular unit strip (FUT)

In FUS method a strip of scalp is removed and the wound is stitched back. The strip of scalp is cut into small pieces called grafts, which are then transplanted back into the thinning area of the individual’s head. But this method leaves a scar at the area from where strip is taken.

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) 

In the procedure of FUE hair are taken from the back of scalp or body bear as required. The hairs are taken in the form of follicular units (graft). Each follicular unit contains 1-4 hairs. In an individual person 90 % of the grafts contain two hairs. The average is 2.5 hairs. The slits are then made in the scalp. The follicles are then inserted into the slits according to the desired density. The process is of 4-7 hours result are apparent after 5-6 month.

Factors to be considered while deciding method for hair transplant

  • Treatment area
  • How much hair restoration is to be done.
  • Individuals natural structure of hairs.
  • Cost – Depends on area, method and amount of hair restoration.

Why Persona Hair is Best for Hair Transplant Center in Delhi

  • Team members comprises of well qualified, skilled and experienced doctors with best hair transplant surgeon in delhi
  • Uses latest tools and techniques.
  • Proper guidance given to patients before and after the treatment.
  • Pre-examination and tests are conducted before starting the treatment.
  • Patients satisfaction is there main motto .
  • Providing hair transplant treatment at an affordable cost Hair Transplant at Persona-FnS gives an amazing result which returns back your lost confidence and personality due to hair loss or baldness.
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