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Why Painless?

Hair transplant is the latest technique employed by various hair clinics and so, the Persona Hair, New Delhi to grow natural hair on bald or stumpy area on heads with less or no effort. The surgery for hair transplant involved removal of follicular unit grafts from the back of the head or from the body (called the donor zone) and are grafted on the desired area.

The procedure is painless or less painful, at least less than early times’ surgeries when larger scalp  sections were excised. During hair transplant the patient is administered with local anesthetics to reduce pain. Best part is that the patient is not required to get hospitalized. He or she can go back home the very day, after completion of operation.

FUSE technique

Pains, occurring after the surgery due to swelling and inflammation, are reduced by use of pain killers for 5-6days. Expert employment of FUSE technique does away the requirement of any stitches. Even donor hair follicle units are plucked virtually under the effect of anesthesia. No knife cuts or stitches are used during the surgery hence; pain resultant is expected to be diminished even after coming over anesthetic condition.