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Body hair transplant

Body Hair Transplant and Chest Hair Replacement

The growth cycle of the hair in body area is not scientifically established so far. Some studies made in this area show that the body hairs exhibit very long telogen period and very short anagen period. In effect this would mean that body hair grows to a maximum length of about two inches in six month period after which it would stop growing and rest at the same length for a few years. Thus if hairs are transplanted from the body region to the scalp area in body hair transplant, they may be considerably slower in growth because of their inherent longer telogen phase.

Scalp and Body Hair Compatibility

It is important to maintain the compatibility of body hair and scalp hair at least in terms of curls and colour. For example in case of particular client with curly body hair but straight scalp hair, transplantation becomes difficult. Body hair can grow to a maximum length of about five centimeters

therefore such potential BHFUE clients should know beforehand that this would be maximum length that he/she could ever cut the hair. Such clients should always be aware of these limitations.

The technique however offers relief to patients facing extreme baldness who could not go for body

hair transplant earlier because of limited donor scalp hair. Two procedures are usually followed involving transplant from body to scalp and transplant from scalp to body hair transplant .


Body Hair Transplants Before and After

Body hair transplant
Body hair transplant