Mega Hair Transplantation Does Away Baldness

Hair Transplant procedure takes in the removal of follicular grafts from the back-head and implanting to the required region of the head. Normally, 300-500 grafts are implanted on the head in a normal session where Mega Hair Transplant Sessions at Persona, New Delhi takes in 2000-2800 grafts for implantation in a single session.

From a study in medical science – usually people lose around 100 hairs every day due to some or the other reasons but are restored later naturally. You can presume it’s like an autumn fall where leaves shed off the trees in the season but are regained during spring. Hairs, likewise, drop off the scalp but are restored through natural processes and daily hair care. However, some people lack the capability of restoration and hence, they become the victim of partial or complete baldness.

Also, males are observed to lose even more hair as compare to females but in some cases females also have to go through drastic hair loss resulting in male pattern of hair loss (occurring generally in men, also called androgenetic alopecia).

What Causes Baldness?
Causes Baldness

It’s quite difficult for even doctors to diagnose the exact cause of the baldness. It varies from person to persona and environment to environment. Nevertheless, some of the basic causesof baldness, as outlined by an experienced hair transplant surgeon –Dr. S.S. Gambhir of Persona Hair Clinic, are as follows –

  • Family Trait
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Medication and Treatment
  • Therapies
  • Infection
  • Diet
  • Family Trait –Some people acquire family traits for long, short, less or no hair. It’s genetic. So, there is no natural cure for such baldness. And yes, it is for both male and female pattern baldness.
  • Hormonal Imbalance – The case is generally observed during pregnancy or post-delivery days. The same is also true as a child grows towards adolescence. However, the lost hair due to these scenarios can be regained on proper treatment or by natural care.
  • Medication & Treatment – Generally, few medicines – steroids and antibiotics – cause hair loss. Baldness attained due to overdose of medicines or steroids are hard to be regained without medication or special hair gaining treatment.
  • Therapies – Chemotherapies and similar therapies cause hair fall to its extreme. Radiation shot by chemotherapy damages all healthy as well as cancerous cells. Hair follicles, being one of the living cells, are damaged and hence, growth of hair is detained.
  • Infection – Scalp and skin infection is the common cause for hair damage and fall. Treatment to the scalp may help regain the original structure of hair, however, the treatment procedure and results are dependent of the size and type of infection.
  • Diet – People following unhealthy, non-nutritious diet may end up with less or no hair on their heads. Protein rich foods – fish, egg, spinach etc. are apt food to maintain the volume and texture of the hair lacking which may result in baldness soon.

Other reasons may also include your daily irregular, odd habits like Hair-pulling disorder where people gain tendency to pull hair from head, scalp, eyebrow, eyelashes etc.

Why Mega Hair Transplant?

Mega hair transplant plan, as discussed above, is decided as per the number of grafts to be grafted per session. Mega sessions are generally preferred for those who are looking for instant result. Patients receive gratifying results with only one or two sessions.

Questions have been raised by people and the curiosity rises to know if the mega hair transplant is the better option or just a bigger session? Not to deny the datum that a single session may consume 10-12 hours of process which, indeed, is pretty big time in one day but on the other side patients get benefit of 2000-2800 follicular grafts implanting in a single day which saves time of revisiting and another session.

Moreover, the patient does not have to go through the entire procedure again and thus, is less painful. Some Hair Clinics in India also offer financial incentives on mega hair transplant which adds to the financial benefit of Mega Hair Transplant.

Justifying both the statements, the process does consume little more time in session but is more beneficial as compared to simple Hair Transplant Session.

How Long Does Mega Hair Transplant Last?

Doubt is obvious for people who are spending their money on something that adds to the persona and do not want to take chance.

Generally, the hair transplant result last permanent but again, it depends on the patient’s genetic trait, food habits and all above mentioned factors for long-term or permanent hair transplant. You can go through regular touch-up treatments to preserve the result or else, few non-surgical methods or laser therapy can help maintaining the result permanently.

You are advised to consult dermatologists and surgeons –at Persona Hair Clinic – to find out the right treatment and compatibility check for hair transplantation and further treatment.

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