Laser Hair Removal for Face and Body

Persona Hair Clinic, Delhi/NCR brings you new-fangled, in-demand way to get rid of unwanted hair from face, body, arm pits, hands, legs and others. Laser Hair Treatment for face and body gives best result with no or trivial pain.

Causes for Unwanted Hair

Causes for Unwanted Hair

Hairs on faces, body or other regions are the effects of hormonal change in the body, especially at the age of adolescence. Few may have to face hard, extra-hair growth while others’ hairs are just soft and too tiny to be visible.

Next reason being the medication dosages – Few medicines shoot out unwanted hair growth on body and faces as its side effects. Moreover, some ladies may have to take it as inherent trait of family and some will have to face it as a result of stress, obesity and depression.

How Laser Treatment Works?

The laser beam shoots powerful radiations that are targeted to the hairy area. The intensity of radiation is prevailing enough to rupture the hair follicle and hence, the destruction of root cause of unwanted hair growth.
Laser Treatment procedure

Is it Safe?

The method has been tested at various laboratories and tried for the safety of skin and organs inside. The medical science has given it a nod of approval and practices for the same have been carried out in various countries since mid-1990s. Not so recent, the practice for laser hair removal in India is also being carried out.

Why Persona Laser Hair Removal?
 Persona Laser Hair Removal procedure

Persona and the team have experience of years to handle and regulate the intensity of laser light with apt understanding of compatibility of skin types. They deliver best result for laser hair removal treatment in Delhi by following step wise regulation for carrying out the procedure

Secondly, the treatment is carried out in the presence of veteran dermatologists and consultants to lead the entire process through immense care and safety.

Advantages of Laser Hair Removal Over Other Procedures:

  • Painless procedure
  • No severe side-effects or allergies
  • No regrowth of hair
  • Ready-for-party face every time

Persona laser therapy for permanent hair removal is all ready for appointment with you. Get in touch with us to find out more about us and our services.

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