Hair Transplant and Growth Timeline

Hair transplant is one procedure that does away your stress of carrying bald-head or stumpy head area. Now you must be at ease to know that your baldness has got the solution and you will be gain lost hair again on your head. Curiosity and excitement, however, have been following since you found your solution and you are eager to know when and what changes will be observed post to hair transplant surgery.

This post will give you ideas on what changes to be expected after the surgery and how to respond to them.

Hair transplant growth timeline is as depicted below:-

Hair transplant growth

DAY 0: The day is of your hair transplant. You will be under the surgery for 5-6 hours, in normal condition and more in complicated cases. However you will be allowed to leave for home the same day so, you can have rest by the end of the day.

Days 1-5: During first 5 days the patient is most like to experience swelling of forehead and at the back of the head (the donor zone). The patient might also observed redness on skin where the incision was done. The redness is due to inflammation and will be diminished as the wound heals.

First two weeks of after hair transplant procedure are critical and troubling for the patient and intense care is to be taken during these two weeks. Dr. S.S. Gambhir provides set of instructions to the patients to be followed strictly after the surgery to get recovered easily and obtain desired result.

Days 6-10: Redness and swelling are almost vanished by this time and patient no longer is expected to be in pain.

Crusts are expected to appear on the follicular region where grafting took place. These crusts are removed by Dr. Gambhir expertly by soaking them in water and rubbing gently with fingers.

Week 2:Hair transplanted start to shed during week 2. There is nothing to worry about grafts as it’s permanently placed in the scalp; however, the transplanted hair is expected to shed. Consult the surgeon if feel numbness in the donor zone.

Shampooing, brushing, combing and hair-cuts are allowed from this week.

Week 3: You will find most of the hairs, that had been transplanted, have been shed by now.

Month 1: This phase is known as “resting phase” for hair follicles. This period will give you your previous look i.e. prior to the procedure. Length of this phase cannot be predicted as it varies from person to person. You are allowed to color and style-up your hair by the end of month 1.

Months 2-5: This phase brings you growth of transplanted and shed hair on your scalp. Size is expected to be quite fine initially.  Donor zone will start to heal and any inflammatory redness is most likely to be to start vanishing.

Months 5-9: Hairs grown with fine stature will now grow thick. You may find slight textural change with transplanted hair, which is generally expected after the hair transplantation procedure. It’s the phase for you to meet your surgeon – Dr. Gambhir to provide treatment for healing of donor zone. Original texture of the donor area will be attained by the end of 9th month.

Year 1: Congratulations! You are now with 80% grown and thick hair on your head.  Hairs are expected to emerge from the scalp with slight curve texture which will be resolved after a certain period of time and hair will have its own original texture. Curvature is generally obtained due to micro-scarring at the recipient sites.

Year 2: Now is the time when you will be appreciating hair transplantation result. This, again, varies from person to person. Some are lucky enough to attain fully grown hair during 1st year.

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