What a pleasant experience .The staff and doctor are professional and makes you feel very relaxed and comfortable. Highly recommended. vikas

I just finished my treatment at Persona. I know about hair transplant from the website of the Persona which is very conformable. Then I asked questions about hair transplant procedure, costs, time and many information from the Live channels. Manoj Tyagi (New Delhi)

I came on a vacation to india and saw this cosmetic centre so i went in . The staff and doctor all treated me like a special person and made me comfortable.I got my PRP , Botox and Fillers done.I highly recommend to everybody. Rachel

I had great experience at persona . The staff is very helpful and doctor cleared all my doubts and the surgery went great with amazing result.I recommend it to everyone.


At first i was sceptical but once i met the doctor he cleared all my queries and i was very comfortable with him. The whole environment of the centre is positive and gives welcoming feeling.I got the surgery done and result were astonishing.I have referred all my friends to him.

Ashwani (New Delhi)

I don’t think i can give anybody five star but this doctor made me really comfortable and i got my procedure done from him.I recommend to all and give him five star.