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Persona Hair Transplant Pre Procedure Protocol

The basic fitness of the patient is require for any surgical procedure. Your complete blood profile that include your clothing time, sugar levels, ECG if the age is above 35 or if indicated, HIV, HbsAg & HCV if required. History of diabetes, smoking or any allergy, or medication is taken.

Surgical Treatments-Hair Transplant Techniques

Hair Transplantation has become a very common and cost-effective treatment for restoration of lost hair. In Delhi Persona faces and smile offers hair transplant treatment under the guidance of well qualified and talented team of surgeons. Read More

Patient has to know certain things during post procedure

The patient has to avoid heavy exercises , swimming upto 3 weeks.
Shampooing the scalp can be started from 4th day.
Patient can wear the cap or cloth over the head after 1 day.
Helmet to be avoiding for 3 weeks.
Following Surgery patient are given medicines for 5 days mainly antibiotics , pain relief.
Avoid wearing t-shirts for 2 weeks .
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Procedure is absolutely safe & we do not expect any side effect or complication only thing is there is a linear scar in case of strip method & which is not visible. Dandruff if develops to be treated actively. Read More

Scalp Analysis

During this physical and digital microscopic hair and scalp analysis, you will be able to see everything the Trichologist sees on an in-room monitor. Based on the findings, she will provide a diagnosis, provide a percentage of regrowth and coverage you can expect, and create a treatment plan that will be suited to heal you hair and scalp concerns. Read More

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal treatment is an end to the daily pain while doing waxing or threading and problems faced while and after using razor, hair removal creams or hair removal sprays.Permanent hair removal through laser can be done on any of the body part like face, arms, legs, armpits, upper lip, chest, neck, back and pubic area. In laser hair removal technique a laser light beam is passed through the patient’s skin. Read More

PRP and How it Work

Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP is derived from the client’s own blood. PRP is actually an autologous (i.e. the donor and the recipient are the same person) concentration the platelets in relatively smaller plasma volume. Read More