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Hail Fall Treatments in Delhi

Best Hair Fall Treatments

We have approx 1lakh hairs on our scalp. Normally 50-100 hairs shed every day. With age, few hair follicles lose ability to produce hair. There are many conditions which can cause hair loss like Hormones, Genes, Stress, Illness, Pregnancy, Drugs, Cosmetic procedures, Auto immune disease, Injuries etc. Shedding of hair is called alopecia. Individuals are often aware of and very concerned about thinning of the hairs. Hair thinning and baldness can cause psychological stress due to their effect on appearance.

Hair grows in a cycle – Anagen, Telogen, Catagen. Anagen is a growing phase and lasts for 3-6 years, Catagen is a transitional phase and lasts for 3 weeks where as Telogen is a resting phase and last for 3 months. In Androgenic Alopecia there is a shortening of anagen and lengthening of telogen. Androgenic alopecia is Hereditary thinning of the hair caused due to androgen in genetically susceptible men & women.

Hair loss can be classified in 2 patterns: Male Pattern Baldness and Female Pattern Baldness. In Male Pattern Baldness there is thinning of hair in frontal & vertex area with the progression of hair loss. The main reason for male pattern baldness is due to genetic effect and hormonal effect. The main hormone responsible is dihydrotestosterone and the reason behind female pattern baldness in not completely known. The Female pattern baldness is characterized by general thinning over the entire scalp with the most extensive hair loss at the crown.