• What is Hair Loss

    The hair on the back of the scalp are nearly permanent hair for they are least affected by DHT for they contain very less or negative amount of 5 alpha reductase type II enzyme in roots. The hairs in front, temporal, vertex area contain large amount of this enzyme so once activated the converted DHT affect the hair roots and they are destroyed.

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  • Why Choose Us?

    P Dr.S.S.Gambhir and his team have done one more then 800 hair transplant. We are doing about 10-15 hair transplant each month. We are in this field for last eight years. The results speak of our dedication & commitment to give the excellent result. We have a list of patients from all our the world like , UK,USA, Netherland , Bangladesh,Hongkong ,Mauritius , etc.

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  • Mega Hair Transplants

    We are the pioneer in mega hair transplant. In our clinic we are performing hair transplant in patient whose requirement is more than 7000 grafts . We are the only centre where grafts are taken from any part of the body to complete the procedure . We are concerned with the good density to achieve this we are planning in advance.

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  • Why Pain Less?

    The procedure in our clinic is nearly painless with the modern technique & drugs and with our special instrument even the needle prick is not felt. The drugs which we are using are very effective, safe & long lasting. Our patients are always thankful for making the procedure absolutely painless & comfortable.

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  • Better Graft Survival

    In our centre we are strictly maintain that graft should be kept for minimum time outside body . In case of FUE we are following the procedure of Direct Hair Transplantation and in FUT we are maintaining the cold chain for the preservation of the extracted follicle.

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Welcome to persona faces & smiles

Persona is a 12 years old company and has been doing hair transplant for last so many years. The clinic is being headed by Dr.S.S.Gambhir who is a certified Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon. He is trained in Microvascular reconstructive surgery and Hair transplant surgery. He has done more than 1200 cases. The results speak of itself of our dedication, commitment and sincerity. We have a committed team of 8 well trained technician. We are specialized in doing mega and super ultra hair transplant.

The clinic is situated in the heart of the city and has parking facility and welcoming and hygienic environment for the patients.

Dr. Gambhir is well renowned for his expertness in the field of Hair transplant among the medical fraternity for his clients are doctors from Delhi, NCR, India, UK, USA, DUBAI, Netherland, Germany, Bangladesh, Italy, Afghanistan etc. his patients are from all over the world and are pleased and satisfied with the result.


30 March 2012

I just finished my treatment at Persona. I know about hair transplant from the website of the Persona which is very conformable. Then I asked questions about hair transplant procedure, costs, time and many information from the Live channels.

Manoj Tyagi (New Delhi)

Follicular unit strip method(FUT)
A strip of skin along with hair follicles is taken from back of head. Large amount of graft are harvested about 4000 in single sitting. Linear scar not visible.
Follicular unit extraction(FUE)
Safe system from USA is being used for extraction. Fine punches from 0.7mm to 1mm are used.


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